Friday, February 24, 2012

A new trail

Highlands Sky

Well, after a very light run today, Saturday is a rest day.  Sunday I will be running deeper into the heart of the Otter Creek Wilderness.  After fording Otter Creek at 4.1 miles, I'll be heading up the Possession Camp Trail (3.1 miles) to its intersection with the Green Mountain Trail.  Although I have hiked and backpacked much of the Otter Creek back country, this is a section I have never seen before, which is exciting.  The weather on Saturday is calling for a couple of inches of snow in Elkins, but who knows what that translates to in the mountains.  Sunday is supposed to be milder, sunny and a high of 46, so after things warm from Saturday night's low of 19, it should make for a good run.

                                          "We don't need no stinkin toenails"


  1. I hope your run went well today! I was thinking about you this morning and am anxious to hear about it. After several weeks of being lazy, I will be back on the road tomorrow. Have a good evening!

  2. Bailed due to heavy snow in the mountains. Road run in the valley instead. What a wus?