Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Should I Call This?

I've been a slacker this week, when it comes to my Blog.  Too many distractions, too much to do, you know all the excuses.

Last weekend was a cause to celebrate.  The weather was improving, it was warmer and drier.  The big whoop was I did 14 on Otter Creek & McGowan Mt. Trails with no falls.  I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was about that.  Actually I have somehow manged 3 successive days of  running trails without a fall.  Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of it (knock on wood).  I actually feel like I'm getting stronger following several weekends of fairly serious frustration.  I can tell you, my quads think so.

My training schedule for this weekend calls for 16 & 10.  Gonna stay on the Otter Creek Trail and ford Otter Creek, following the trail until it intersects with the Green Mt. Trail which should be about 7.5 one way.  I'll throw another mile on the back end to wrap up the 16.  I'm pretty psyched; the weather is supposed to be in the 70's (in town) and only a 30% chance or so of rain.  It will be nice not to have to layer up before heading out.  The local weather has been amazing this week;  in the 70's and sunny.  I actually did a road run with no shirt last evening.  It was great.  First time since last October.  I just know it's gonna be hotter than hell this summer.  The winter has been so mild and with these unseasonably warm temps in mid March, it's gotta be a hot summer.  Heat training makes us all tougher though, right.

I'm so excited.  Danielle is coming home this weekend for a few days.  Haven't seen her since Christmas.  She's rehabbing from her knee "boo boo" and is working her mileage back up.  I truly hope she and I can run the Wine Glass Marathon together this fall.  Well at least start together.  She'll kick my ass, but I love it.

Thanks again to everyone who is giving me positive feedback on my blog.  It kind of keeps me going.  I made the mistake of sending a virtual air tour of the Wasatch 100 to Dan & Adam.  Now they're saying "let's go do it."  Maybe!

                                                                 "Happy Trails to You..."
                                                                           Roy Rogers


  1. You just say the word on Wasatch. That one's on the bucket list for sure.

    Hope you have some good running this weekend.

  2. The Wine Glass WILL happen in Oct...

  3. You have a place to stay and a pacer when you go Wasatch :)

    1. Mark, thanks for your kindness. You probably don't know anyone slow enough to pace me. LOL!!! I hope your training is going well. Are you able to get into the high country yet? It snowed here on Wednesday, but no accumulation below 3,000 feet. Keep up the good work.