Friday, February 1, 2013

Fly Fishing In Yellowstone National Park: AMAZING

Fly Fishing In Yellowstone National Park: AMAZINGr

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  1. Sitting here contemplating a sub zero wind chill and struggling with how far to run this evening, I stumbled across the pictures of the Kingfisher doing her thing in the ice on Hebgon Lake WY.

    Pretty amazing and it truly puts things into perspective. All of natures creatures are out there in it because they have no choice, while we humans go out in the bitterly cold weather to play, to prove something, to keep from getting fat, and even to maintain some kind of base. It makes one wonder.

    Many of us are preparing to ramp up our training for upcoming events. Please remember to be careful in the low light, on icy trails, and please dress to stay dry and warm; yes Mom, I always remember my hat and mittens. /jim